Specialized Spotting Scopes-Digital Spotting Scopes

Digital spotting scopes are a combination spotting scope with a built-in digital camera. You can take snapshot images or video and the captured image is at the same magnification as seen through the spotting scope on most models.

There are many different features depending on the brand and model. Many have optical zoom as well as a digital zoom to increase the power. It is an easy way to take images when

carrying and using your best spotting scope and you do not want to bring your camera along. Digital spotting scopes were a fad during the 2000s with several brands and a large number of models available but today they have virtually disappeared from the market due to their low resolution, smart phones with high-resolution cameras, as well as point and shoot cameras and digital SLRs with increasing resolution and lower costs. A couple of the brands offering these are Bushnell and Zeiss and these are quite good.